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Looking for help with your minicab domain name or web hosting for your minicab website?  You’ve come to the right place. aims to provide a one-stop solution for the online part of your minicab business.

Having run a minicab company (based in London) ourselves, we know the market and what does and doesn’t work.  We’ve tried things out – some things worked, others didn’t.

Scroll through the questions below and find the one that matches best with your query:


Web Hosting: I’m looking for advice on where to host my minicab website

That one is easy.  Having tried several hosts, some cheap ones, some not so cheap ones, we know that price is not an indication of a good hosting provider.  When we ran our minicab business, we paid far over the odds and still found our site went down.

We then went to a cheaper provider and the service was terrible.  That’s when we came across Hostgator.  Their support is fantastic, their prices are great and their systems are excellent and flexible – just what every minicab operator wants.  Web hosting that just works.

For all our customers wanting to sign-up with Hostgator, we’ve arranged a special discount for you.  At checkout, enter the code TAXI2012WEBSITES and a whopping 25% will be knocked off the bill!

All we ask is that you tell others about in return.


Minicab Domain Names: I have my business sorted, and want a specific local or airport-related domain – how do I go about this?

Just as with web hosting, domain name companies fit into good, bad & ugly categories.  And once again, we’ve had our share of experience with domain name firms in each of those categories.

Support and pricing were our key objectives to get right.  So after a lot of changing providers which is a hassle in itself, we came across NameCheap and haven’t moved since.

Their prices on .com domains and domains especially are fantastic, and they’ll help if anything ever goes wrong.

You can find them here at