Mobile Taxi Websites

More and more people look to their smartphones for their taxi or minicab. They may be looking for a taxi number for a quote or to book.  Can you afford not to have a mobile-friendly website?

Your website on a mobile

There has been a huge explosion in mobile internet access over the past 12 months alone.  Mobile now accounts for 10 percent of all Internet usage, according to this report and this is expected to grow even faster.

As of May 2012, Apple has sold 32 million iPhones, and 12 million iPads.  That doesn’t include the BlackBerry’s, Google Android phones and other brands out there.

Mobile internet access is essentially going to a website on your smartphone (iPhones, BlackBerry’s or Android phones) or your tablet (like an iPad).  For these smaller screens, though the websites load properly, it becomes very difficult to navigate.

Different approach
The audience surfing to your site on a mobile may be the same as have come there on a PC, but their needs at that moment in time are very different.

For most, they will want a very easy to read way of finding out what you do (a lot less words), where you are based (your office address) and how to contact you (big telephone number, with one-click dialling).

What you don’t want to do
You don’t want to change your entire website just for mobile users.  You want to ADD a mobile website to capture those users and time-poor customers who like to research whilst on the train, in a meeting or over lunch.

Lets see the difference in action.  30% of visits to the original website were through mobiles so adding a mobile website had a HUGE impact on call volumes because it was easier to read instantly.
There was no need to zoom in and out.  Clear and to the point information was provided.

On a PC:  Go to
On a smartphone: Go to:

See the difference?  One click dialling, easy to navigate with your finger and no zooming!
With hundreds of thousands of people trying to find a minicab or taxi using their phones, can you afford not to have a mobile-friendly website?

And for just £47 per month?  Contact us today.